Enjoy Yellowstown National Park

Snow Coaches as mentioned before can be a great way to enjoy the great outdoors of Montana. One place to enjoy them is YellowstoneNational Park. Few places on earth offer so much scenic and scientific interest in one area.

Listed below is a list of the top attractions in Yellowstone that I feel will be helpful.  It is designed to serve as a starting point for planning your visit. I suggest allowing at least 3 days visiting the Park.

Old Faithful Geyser

Grand canyon of Yellowstone

Haden valley

Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone Lake

Norris Geyser Basin

Lamar Valley

Tower Falls

Lower Geyser Basin

West Thumb Geyser Basin

No visit to Yellowstone is complete without witnessing one or more eruptions of old Faithful Geyser. This geyser is the most famous in the world and is one of America’s greatest natural wonders. There are geysers that erupt higher and for longer periods f time, but rarely is the tremendous power of nature so inseparably combined with Old Faithful’s innate beauty. This superb spectacle, once you’ve actually witnessed it in person, will stay in your memory forever.

The road between Gardiner, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Northeast Entrance/Cooke City is plowed year-round and open to the public. In winter, a number of other Yellowstone roads are open only for snow coach and snowmobile touring between December 15 and March 15, (weather and snow conditions permitting). The East Entrance will open December 22 and close March 1 for snowmobile and snow coach travel. Visitors wishing to visit the park on a snowmobile or in a snow coach must either travel by commercial snow coach or accompany a commercial guide on snowmobiles (private, unguided snowmobiles or snow coaches are not allowed). Best Available Technology snowmobiles are required, and there is a daily limit on snowmobile and snow coach entries. Off-road use of snowmobiles and snow coaches is prohibited.

Road groomers maintain a ski trail that parallels the road from the West Entrance to Madison to Old Faithful. Snowmobile riders and snow coach operators should be aware that they may encounter cross country skiers near these road segments.

Below is a few providers of service for Yellowstone Park.


Yellowstone   Snow Coach Tours

Ms Brandy Loomis

P.O. Box 1110

West Yellowstone, Mt 59758

Tel 406-646-7773
SOUTH ENTRANCE                                  
Rocky Mountain Snow Coach Tours

Mr. Fred Lutz

P.O. Box7453

Jackson, Wy  83002

Tel 307-733-2237

Scenic Snow Safaris

Ms. Alison Warren

P.O. Bx 10940

Jackson, Wy. 83002

Tel   888-734-8898


Back Country adventure Snowmobile Rentals

Mr Jerry Johnson

P.O. Box 347

West Yellowstone, Mt 59758

Tel 406-646-9317

Buffalo Bus Touring Company

Mr. Randy Robertson

P.O. Box 580

West Yellowstone, Mt. 59758

Tel 800-426-7669 or 406 646-9564


Gary Fales Outfitting

Mr. Gary Fales

2768 North Fork Highway

Cody, WY  82414

Tel 307-587-3970

Winter In the Rockies

Snow FlakeSki Dog

Everybody and everything has fun in Montana in the winter. Ski galore through out Montana.

The mountains are just as big, and the quads are just as fast, but the lift lines are almost nonexistent at Montana’s largest resorts. Montana’s most affordable ski areas are nestled off the beaten path and boast some of the best conditions in the country. Hidden gems, rivaling terrain from just about anywhere, offer food and lodging options without the trappings of big resorts.

Snowmobiling: Home to some of the longest trails in America, you’ll have access to thousands of miles of groomed and un groomed trails. And, you’ll meet plenty of other folks who love snowmobiling as much as you do

Snow Coaches: Are the newest, warmest and most comfortable way to introduce your family to the wonders of winter in Montana. Heated snow coaches keep you warm and protected inside, no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Offering spectacular opportunities to see wild life take in scenic vistas and snap photographs. Their unique design keeps you above ground level, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. But the comfort doesn’t stop there. Snow coaches are as quiet as your own car, easy on the environment and easy on your schedule: The pace is relaxed and unhurried, giving you plenty of time to explore, take pictures and spend time with your family.

Montana has millions of acres of public lands open to cross-country skiing, as well as, cross-country ski resorts offering private trail systems.


!. Bear Paw Ski Bowl   2. Blacktail Mountain Ski Area 3. Great Divide

4.Lost Trail Powder Mountain 5. Maverick Mountain 6. Teton Pass

7. Turner Mountain 8.Discovery Ski Area 9. Look Out Pass Ski & Rec Area.

10. Montana snow bowl 11.Showdown Montana 12. Big Sky Resort

13. Bridger Bowl Ski Area 14. Red Lodge Mountain Resort

15.Whitefish mountain Resort

How do you get there?

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Slide in Arch

Slide in ARCH

This is a photo that I like hope you enjoy it also. I will be hosting this site instead of having a web master. Please have patience with me as I learn how to do these things. This is my first attempt at hosting a site and I have a long way to go. I plan on showing you sites to visit and a way to get there as cheap as you can.

First off if you are traveling through Montana and so desire you can enjoy some of our States 48 Parks. One that is open year round is Giant Springs State Park located just out side Great falls, Montana. Near the same site is the Lewis and Clark interpretive center which a beautiful site with information about the Lewis and Clark travels.  Adjacent to these two sites is the Region 4 Headquarters of the Fish Wildlife and parks, Also a very interesting place to visit, You may even score a cup of coffee.As you travel down Interstate 15 south bound the next stop is Ulm Pishkun State Park which is located at Ulm, Montana about 10 miles south of Great falls, just follow the signs. Enjoy!

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This is a glass tree found at the Phoenix Glass Museum in Phoenix Arisona